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Open Art Studio Rade Marković Srpski
Address: Gospodara Vučića 106
Founder: Radivoje Marković
Mobile: + 381 63 108 34 84
Owner: Radivoje Marković
Phones: + 381 11 644 64 17 / + 381 11 644 87 47
Place: Beograd
Working hours: 10 AM to 6 PM

Rade Markovic is a painter, sculpture and furniture designer. He was born in 1957 in Yugoslavia.

He paints since 1982, and makes sculptures since 1996. He is a founder and owner of art workshop RM in which he designs and makes objects in wood and art furniture. Rade Markovic lives in Belgrade, G.Vucica 106 / the last stop of trolleybus 22/, where is his open workshop with an exhibition and work space, in which you can come between 10h and 18h. He had painting, sculptor, and object exhibitions in country and abroad.

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Bravo Care! Svaka Cast! Rajle iz Perta
(Ratko Jevtovic, 08/08/2010 09:00)
dali imate slike sa vasim skulpturama
(goran damcevic, 16/12/2008 21:26)
Radovi su odlicni, da li je gotova skulptura na kojoj se nalazi mkompresor za duvanje auto guma?
(Mulahasan Begimbrahimovic-ZOKI, 14/03/2008 23:18)

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