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Monastery STUDENICA Srpski
Monastery Studenica,  located near Kraljevo, is one of the most importnt serbian temples, often called „mother church“. Monastery was founded by Stefan Nemanja in the late XII century and it is dedicated to the Presentation of the Holy Virgin. The main monastery church is dedicated to Virgin Evergetis (i.e. Benefactress) and it was built in the style of Raška School

Studenica, the mother-church of all serbian temples, was founded by Stefan Nemanja. The building of the church was endedfinished probably by the year 1196. when Nemanja became monk Simeon. Main monastery church is dedicated to Virgin Evergetis (i.e. Benefactress), and was built by masons originating from the area of Romanesque influence and was finished by Byzantine masons. The high repute monastery gained since 1206/7. when Sava transferred remains of his father Simeon form Chilandar. In Studenica are also buried king Stefan the First-Crowned and Vukan.

The church of Virgin Evergetis is a single nave building with dome. In the mid XIII century king Radoslav erected a large nartex. The exterior of the church is synthesis of two architectural styles, Romanesque and Byzantine; the facades are decorated with white marble and the dome was plastered red. Elements of Romanesque decoration can be seen mainly in the decoration of portals and sculpture, and it is assumed that the artists originated from Adriatic region.

Fresco-decoration of the church was finished at the beginning of the XIII century, but the original frescoes have partly been saved. One of the most beautiful frescos of Serbian medieval painting is preserved here in Studenica, and it is the composition of the Crucifixion, painted in 1209. The earliest frescoes are part of the exceptional achievements of the XIII century Byzantine painting.

Inside the monastery complex are also situated the church of Saint Joachim and Ann, also known as Kings church, built by king Milutin in XIV century, church of Saint Nicolas, treasury, refectory and the bell-tower gate. 

Sculpture of The Virgin`s Church is one of the largest and most significant ensembles of t Serbian mediaeval art. The most important place has the west portal between the narthex and the exonartex. Above the portal is the tympanum with representation of Virgin seated on the throne with Christ the child and archangels Michael and Gabriel, all in relief. The Virgin is represented in the same way as in Byzantine painting and Romanesque sculpture. On the lintel is represented Christ in relief, and on the side columns are the apostles. In the sculptural decoration of the portal is also represented the head of a monster and many fantastic creatures. The primary meaning of the sculpture of the portal is that the believer is entering the church under the protection of heavenly forces from the forces of the dark.

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Postovani Da li mi mozete poslati informaciju gde se moze prenociti,kada se dodje u Studenicu. Unapred hvala
(Nenad Stojadinovic, 29/08/2010 17:47)
Manastir Studenica je vanvremenski svetionik za sve nas pravoverne srbe. Posetio sam manastir 2007 god., i zaista sam se osećao kao da sam došao svojoj većnoj kući. Za krst časni i slobodu zlatnu!
(Siniša Perišić, 15/06/2009 11:55)
ja obozavam manastir studenicu.jedan mi je od najomiljeniji.volela bi da stavite njegovu sliku.
(ivona novakovic, 22/02/2009 15:32)
najlepse sveto mesto jel tusam rodjen mnog je volim i verujem u boga.
(rakic milan, 20/07/2008 21:12)
jasam rodjen u obliynjem selu rastiste ya mene je studenica kao svetinja najmilia i mislim dabi svaki pravoslavni srbin trebao da bude takav jednome mnogo yabrinjava da nabedjeni bivsi braca crnogorci xoce njixovu pravoslavnu crkvu moje misijenje dasu oni pijunuli na pravoslavlje i na ceo srpski narod mi srbi smo neumoran narod i nama netreba njihovo nista.
(rakic milan, 20/07/2008 21:07)
(marija KNEZEVIC, 07/05/2008 21:42)

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