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Patriarchate of Peć is a monastery complex with three churches dedicated to Holy Apostles, Saint Demetrius and Virgin Odigitria, first built in XIII century and last two in XIV. The founders on the monastery were the first serbian arshbishop Sava and his successor Arsenije, and they were inspired by christian temples in Palestina. Since the year 1346. when it became the seat of serbian Partiarchate it has been spirtual, cultural and artistic center of Serbia, during medieval period and under Otoman empire.

The monastery of Patriarchate of Peć has three churches. The oldest dedicated to Holy Apostoles, was founded by second Serbian archbishop Arsenije, Sava’s successor, and it was built in the first half on XIII century. The church of Holy Apostles wasn’t big enough for the needs of new archbishop center so archbishop Nikodim built the church of Saint Demetrius next to the north side of older church, and his successor archbishop Danilo added the church of and Virgin Hodegetria (i.e.One who Shows the Way) with smaller church of Saint Nicolas in 1328. next to the south side of the older church. He also added a large exonartex in front of all three churches for purposes of liturgy. During the Ottoman rule the monastery has been severely damaged but in 1557. Serbian Patriarchate was restored and the monastery regained its major spiritual role.

The church of Holy Apostles was built in the style of raška school and it is possible that the masons from Mileševa built this church also. It is single-nave church with dome and it was decorated with fresco-painting in XIII century and the program of decoration was made by Sava and Arsenije. The church of Saint Demetrios had a form of short-ended cross with dome and it was decorated with fresco-painting in mid XIV century, and the church of Virgin Hodegetria has the form of developed cross with dome and it was also painted in mid XIV century. The large exonartex on the western side of all three churches was also painted but there are only few fragments remained. One of the most important frescoes is the representation of the Genealogy of the Nemanjić family.

During the Ottoman rule the monastery was been spirtual, cultural and artistic center of Serbia. After the Great Migration of Serbs under patriarch Arsenije III Čarnojević the monastery was severely damaged and desolated. The restoration begun in XIX century.

After the Bishopric of Serbian Church united in 1920. all Serbian patriarchs have been enthroned in this monastery.

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