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Home > Culture > Monasteries > Medieval Monasteries > Serbian-Byzantine Style > Monastery BOGORODICA LJEVISKA
Builder: King Milutin
Built: XIV century

In old part of Prizren is located the church of Bogorodica Ljeviška, founded by the greatest serbian church founder king Milutin. The strong byzantine influences which begun to spread during the rule of king Milutin can be seen in the architecture mostly, when romanesqe influences disappear and new style rises, whose testimony is the church of Bogorodica Ljeviška. This temple has priceless historical and artistic value because it tells a story about three periods, with remains of IX century basilica, XIII century basilica and king Milutin’s church.

Reign of king Milutin is the time of strong byzantine influence most evident it the cultural sphere. That influence can be seen in architectural development and it completely overrided romanesque elements, creating a new style. Serbian church had great ally in king Milutin which is probably one of the reasons of his generosity in building and renovating churches. He founded or renovated more churches than all Nemanjić kings together. 

Prizren bishopric is mentioned in XI centuryant it is assumed that its seat was in temple Virgin Ljeviska, which was basilica at that time. Expansion of serbian teritorries included the bishopry of Prizren in Serbian dominion. This first church had three naves with all byzantine elements. The XIII century basilica is old one reneved during reign of king Stefan First-Crowned and clericar reforms of Sava Nemanjić. Present form church recieved during renovation by king Milutin in 1306/7. there are several inscriptions on the church which testify about the time, the founder and the artist, the inscription in the eastern side mentiones king Milutin as the one who renewed it and the one in the exonartex mentiones artist Nikola and Astrapa. 

Renewed church is a combination of the original three-nave basilica, and five-dome cross-shaped church. Above the exonartex is twenty meters high bell tower. Facades are built with combination of stone and brick, typical for Byzantine architecture of that time. 

Church was decorated with fresco-painting in the beginning of the XIV century and it also represents contemporary artistic ideas. Five- domed churches allowed monumental frescoes with numerous scenes and personalities.

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Da li je moguće posetiti manastir i obezbediti prenoćište za grupu na dan 14/15.05. 2013. Pozdrav
(, 02/03/2013 14:06)
ako mi ikako neko moze pomoci trazim jevtic snezanu ona bi trebalo da je negde u izbeglickom kampu u blizini manastira bogorodice kod prizrena ako iko zna nesta o njoj ili tom kampu neka mi hitno javi na meil unapred zahvalan pedja iz backe palanke.
(predrag kovacevic, 16/10/2007 15:28)

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