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Monastery KALENIC Srpski
Built: XV century

Monastery Kalenić was founded in the early XIV century by protovestiarius Bogdan, his wife Milica and brother Petar. Architecture of morava style with ornamental and picturesque effects culminated in main monastery church dedicated to Presentation of the Virgin.

Monastry Kalenić, located close to village Kalenić in central Serbia, founded in the beginning of XV century by protovestiarius Bogdan, his wife Milica and brother Petar. The ground plan is trefoil with apse on the east, nartex on the west and dome above the central nave. It was built with alternating stone and bricks and facades are divided verticaly with colonnettes and horizontaly with cordom cornices.

Exterior of the church is covered with stone decoration, with design taken from miniature painting. The beautz of the church is in decoration of the portals and windows, arches, collonettes and rosettes, and the arches below the dome decorated with chequerings. Polychomy of the upper zones produces the effect of weightlessness of the masses which are subdued to the verticalness of the dome.

Fresco-paining in Kalenić is positioned systematically, on the contrary to the narrative style with great number of cycles, which dominated serbian medieval painting in mid XIV century. Now the representations are chosen more carefully so thez can be harmonically ajusted to the proportions of the walls. Fresco-painting of Kalenić is transcedental, lyrical and insists on close relation between humans and nature, one lonely art of the society sensing its end.   

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