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Association OSI Srpski
A group of handicapped persons are founders of Association of disabled and handicapped persons - OSI in Arandjelovac. Following their needs to organize themselves, improve their social position and claim their lawful rights, they founded OSI Association on November 4th, 2004.

Association on November 4th, 2004. OSI gathers all those in Arandjelovac who suffer from dystrophy, cerebral ore child paralysis, multiple sclerosis, plegia, deafness, blindness. Also, this Association supports not only disabled persons, but also their family members.
The OSI Association carries out the goals set by realizing social and education programs, by establishing cooperation with Ministries, local community, similar organizations in Serbia and abroad, by organizing expert, cultural and sport activities, etc.
 However, carrying out the activities of the Association OSI became difficult and have been slowed down due to lack of adequate working area. Having a proper working and gathering area would significantly help to accomplish numerous ideas and projects, and meet the terms of donors as well as needs of our members. Our most important goal is to get disabled persons employed and able for independent living. By emphasizing that
"We do live among you, not next to you", the handicapped persons wish to realize their rights and become useful members and not a burden to the society.
 We are hoping to establish a cooperation at your convenience with your Organization, in order to gain your support and improve the activities of OSI Association.

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