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Balša Rajčević Srpski
Adress: Belgrade
Mobile: +381 65 20 88 503
Place of birth: Belgrade
WEB site:

Balsa Rajcevic, sculptor, painter, poet, art historian and art critic

Graduated 1965 from the Academy of Applied arts, Sculpture Department, (with Prof. Radeta Stankovic), in Belgrade. Thereafter studied history of art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and 1976 was awarded the degree of Master of Arts. Regularly exhibited since 1968, mainly sculptures but also collages, oil paintings and watercolors. Participated in more than 350 group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Paris, Oslo, Helsinki, Sofia, Bucharest, Ingolstadt, Cairo, Padova), had 47 independent shows in the country (Belgrade, Zagreb, Nis, Kragujevac, etc.) as well as abroad (Paris, Rome). Besides numerous notable authors and juried recommended Yugoslav group exhibitions in the selection of the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary art, he exhibited in 6-7 European capitals.

Represented the Yugoslav selection at the 14th International Biennial of minor sculptures in Padova. Seven times was chosen at the exhibitions "The critics have chosen". Two times chosen for the exhibition "The historians of art present" in the Gallery-Singidunum – Belgrade. Winner of numerous (16) notable awards for artistic work. 
His works are owned by twenty museums, modern galleries and several private collections. As the art critic theoretician he published about 700 texts in the field of the arts and four books in the field of history of art. He won the title of a distinguished artist of ULUPUDS (The Association of artists of the Serbian applied arts). Successfully writes poetry as well. 

Eleven collections of poems have been published so far.

1975. Award of "Art" at the October Salon in Belgrade
1978. Award SIZ-a culture of Belgrade for the most successful exhibition galleries in Belgrade
1978. Annual award ULUPUDS-Belgrade
1981. Equal prize redemption in the Yugoslav Biennale small plastic, Murska Sobota
1984. Redemption prize art colony Ečka
1987. Third Prize at the exhibition "Freedom and Creativity", Gallery 73, Belgrade
1991. Main Prize October Salon in Belgrade
1992. Annual award ULUPUDS-a, Beograd
1995. The first prize redemption Art Colony "Bakar", Majdanpek
1997. Art and welding, III prize at the exhibition hall in Belgrade Fair II
1997. Awarded title ULUPUDS-renowned artists and
1998. Award for white images from the cycle of "burst" on the 30th May Salon in Belgrade
2001. Gold tally KPZ Serbia (for the total rezlultate in culture and art)
2002. Annual award ULUPUDS a
2003. Award ULUPUDS a life of
2005. Special Award, the Salon carousel, Luvr, Paris

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