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Geysers in the Sijarinska Spa Srpski
The only geyser in continental Europe was created in October 1954. year, when bušenja banjske on the left bank of the river to 470 meters above sea level, at a depth of nine meters, with a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius. With the roar, under the pressure of steam and gas, broke out is a natural thermal water fountain with a jet of eight meters high, previously mixed with cold water underground. In Sijarinska spa are 26 thermal springs, of which 18 have therapeutic value: The main source, Source for inhalacy, Mali gejzir, Rimski izvor,  Borovac, Spas, Raj, Hisar, Jablanica, Zdravlje, Suzica, Snežnik ...

All of them not only unique in its development and appearance, but also by collective weddings each summer.

When in Medveđa a fit of the "stone crazy" now desire to go under the geyser. In nearby Sijarinska spas, by the famous medicinal waters each year in the second half of July start "Gejzirske night that ending 2nd August, the St. Elias, the great final - collective marriage of young couples. Those in this place have a unique opportunity in Europe not only in the marriage ceremony intimida water, but by nature to be marital water - healing. The event "Geysers night" it was established ten years ago and said to bring happiness to young people and groom on the spa plateau with trumpeter and ten thousand guests utterances of faith "to" facetiae have noticed that is because the thermal water out of the geyser similar Marriage: warm and hot, but with some cold stream.

One of the best know Sijarinska Spa, a professor of Vukadin Ristić, wrote in his book that the water fountain is a great attraction for visitors. "His gentle murmur, as products, affects the nerves calm. Respect to the dawn of the magnificent and beautiful magicalplace. In the morning sunny rays pearl drops water fountain, through the game, shines in the elaborate colors Rainbow. "

Geyser is a part of the coat of arms municipality of Medvedja. 2005. the next geyser built a new pool complex for recreation and therapy.

In Sijarinska spas are 26 sources, of which 18 have therapeutic value: The main source, Source for inhalaciju, Mali geyser, Roman source, Borovac, Spas, Raj, Hisar, Jablanica, Health, Suzić, Snežnik ... - Drugs Sijarinska water spa cure rheumatism, skin and gynecological diseases, asthma and chronic bronchitis, stomachal gall and kidney diseases and urinary tract, Anem and diabetes, various forms of neurosis and the situation easier to physical and mental exhaustion. Spa is more popular just because it treated all present day "management" of disease.
Another curiosity: in Banja never any fog, and the winds are rare because it is surrounded by a dense oak and beech forest that is protected from cold air currents. It is situated on the banks of the river Jablanica, at the foot of the mountain Goljak, at the altitude of 520 meters. It is surrounded by low mountains of the 700 to a thousand meters away from Leskovac, 50 km from Medvedja ten. Dating back to Roman times, and is named after the name of Justinian women sisters Teodora ( "sower" or "shining" Irina), which is gospodarila this end. Since the fifties of the last century has become one of the most important spa in Serbia when it discovered the majority of today's thermal springs. - Geyser is what Sijarinska Spa represents to be a natural wonder of Serbia, and perhaps more, natural wonder and outside its

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