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Home > Culture > 51. Belgrade October Salon
51. Belgrade October Salon Srpski
Address: Former Military Academy, Resavska str. 40b, Belgrade
Contact: Svetlana Petrović, curator
Organizer: Belgrade Cultural Center

 ...The night pleases us… The curatorial concept will deal with philosophical issues regarding inter human relations, perception, memory and how we choose to represent reality. And, which seems particularly interesting in the Balkan region, the reconstruction of history and the individual memory....

The working title “The night pleases us” is part of a quote by the Argentinean writer, Jorge Luis Borges, relating to issues such...

October 8th - November 21st

The Night Pleases Us..
Former Military Academy – Resavska 40b, Belgrade

Curators: Juan Pousette and Celia Prado (Sweden)

Open every day 12.00 - 20.00; Fri 12.00 – 22.00; Mon closed

Mutiply ticket prize 200 RSD

Friday, 8th October
Official opening of 51st October Salon
Former Military Academy – Resavska 40b, Belgrade

Artists: Ana Adamović, (Serbia) Maja Bajević, (Bosnia) Rosa Barba,(Italy) Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler, (USA/Switzerland), Jonas Dahlberg, (Sweden) Dušica Dražić, (Serbia) Tim Etchelles, Amar Kanwar, (India) William Kentridge, (South Africa) Eva Koch, (Danska), Erik Krikortz, (Sweden)  David Maljković, (Croatia) Aernout Mik, (Holland) Steve McQueen, (Velika Britanija/Holandija) Zoran Naskovski, (Serbia) Harun Farocki, (Czech Republic/Germany) Omer Fast,(Israel), Carl Micael von Hausswolff and Thomas Nordanstand (Sweden)

Programme of the opening
Tuesday, 5th October
19:00 Emotional cities
, light installation by Erik Krikortz (Sweden)
How are you feeling today?
Palace Albanija

Thursday, 7th October
19:00 Sigalit Landau
Belgrade Cultural Centre, Award at the 49th October SalonArt Gallery at the Belgrade Cultural Centre – Knez Mihailova 6

19:00 Love it or Leave it
, art portfolio of the 4th Cetinje Biennial 2004
Curator: René Block
Belgrade Cultural Centre, Artget Gallery – Republic Square 5/I

Saturday, 9th October
Guided curator tour through the 51st October Salon by
Juan Pousette and Celia Prado

Talks with the artists
Rosa Barba
14:00 Eva Koch

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