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Belgrade Cultural Centre Srpski
Address: Knez Mihailova st. 6 / I, Belgrade 11000, Serbia
Director: mr Marina Đurđević
Phones: +381 (0)11 2623-853
Place: Beograd
Public relations: Davorka Tolić Milosavljević
WEB site:

The Belgrade Cultural Centre is a multi-disciplinary centre founded in 1957. Since the beginning it has dealt mainly with significant themes and works of contemporary art, literature, science and culture, cultural heritage in different forms and media.

With optimism and measure

Established values and research projects are equally present in the programmes that the Centre organizes today. Besides its traditional programmes and city events (the October Salon, BELEF – the Belgrade Summer Festival), the Centre also supports alternative urban projects (Manufacture Be, Led Art Dump, Brechtiana – Street rituals). It carries out and organizes the following musical festivals: Guitar Art Festival, The Flute Festival – Always and Everywhere, the Organ days, the Harpsichord – Live Art, as well as multimedia project called The Festival of a Writer. The Centre serves as a stage for young/talented writers, musicians and painters within the Young Artistic Scene. It initiates new programs, such as Culture Periodicals Fair, Child and Culture. It organized the Second International Danube Conference on Art and Culture.

During the realization of its programs, the Centre collaborates with a number of cultural institutions and organizations in the country and abroad, as well as the foreign culture centres and embassies in Belgrade. Many valuable cultural projects testify how successful these collaborations have been; for example, The days of Swedish culture in Belgrade, Art as a mediator – Documenting lifestyles, a Central European project My private Europe, The days of Iran culture, the Festival of Author Film-A View into the World, exhibition About a suitcase in Yugoslavia, music happenings held on streets and squares in Belgrade on 21st June - the International Day of Music….

The founder: the City Assembly of Belgrade

The Belgrade Cultural Centre is situated in the very centre of the town, within the protected walking, cultural, historical, trade zone in Knez Mihailova Street.

With its interesting architectural design, and a prestigious location in the very heart of the city, it is suitable for organising a wide range of programmes: from exhibitions, concerts, promotions, film shows, and symposia to street happenings.

A unique complex of multi-purpose spaces, covering over 2000 sqm, which comprises

  • the Art Gallery (120m2)
  • the Belgrade Shop Window (565m2)
  • the “Artget” Gallery (280 m2)
  • movie theatre with a lounge and auxiliary premises (747m2)
  • IPS (340m2 )
  • studios and stock rooms (305m2)
  • office space and auxiliary premises (366m2),

as well as its polyvalent programme orientation, give the Centre an essential part in experiencing Belgrade’s cultural ambient.

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PONUDA ZA POSAO ADMINISTRACIJA - CALL CENTAR, Postovani, zavrstila sam IV stepen strucne spreme - SSS - maturant VI Beogradske gimnazije, kao i jednogodisnji tecaj daktilografije sa sekretarskim poslovanjem, I klasa "slepo" kucanje. Zavrstila sam i kurseve kompjutera MS Office: Word, Excel, Windows, Outlook Express, Internet. Imam oko 13 godina staza rada na: kompjuteru kao operater, na administrativnim poslovima, na sekretarskim poslovima (tehnicko-poslovni sekretar), kao i radu u Call- centrima, izmedju ostalih, u sledecim firmama: Beobanka (sekretarica i operater), "Elektroistok" (operater i daktilograf), Narodna banka (Call-centar operater), Univerzitet "Braca Karic" (sekretarica i operater), Ujedinjene nacije (office asistant). Imam i godinu dana radnog staza kao telefonski operater u Call-centru Narodne banke, kao i u "Telekom"-u za "Yellow Pages" oglase, kao Call-centar operater - za telemarketing, gde su dosli do izrazaja moja komunikativnost, profesionalizam i preciznost u radu sa strankama, kao i zelja za timskim radom. U cilju trazenja odgovarajuceg posla, na raspolaganju sam Vam za gore opisana radna mesta koja zahtevaju moje navedene kvalifikacije, znanje i strucnost. Podnosilac ponude JASNA MADIC 064/4100-298
(JASNA MADIC, 30/01/2008 11:38)
Drage kolege, Prisustvovao sam u petak, drugog marta otvaranju izložbe fotografija Vladimira Lazića. Upoznao sam kustosa, Milicu - sjajnog profesionalca i optimistu. Taj prostor posećujem mnogo godina. Zadivljen sam i (pomalo začudjen) kako ste uspeli da ga sačuvate i odbranite od raznoraznih privatizacija; dobro je da nečija pohlepna šapa nije pala na taj ekskluzivni prostor kao na našu omiljenu knjižaru ispod palate ''Albanija''. Kako ste to uspeli ne znam (poznat mi je vaš status, no takodje mi je poznata kob tzv. ''političke volje'' koja može sve, samo kad hoće); pozdravljam vas u naporima da opstanete i pozivam na saradnju. Dragi Ivić, dipl. producent scenskih delatnosti upravnik Centra za kulturu Požarevac
(Dragi Ivić, 03/03/2007 17:47)

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