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Home > Culture > Galleries > Art gallery "Nadežda Petrović"
Art gallery "Nadežda Petrović" Srpski
Address: Cara Dušana 6, 32000 Čačak
Director: Milica Petronijević
Phones: +381 32 222 375, +381 32 225 015
Place: Čačak, Serbia
Public relations: Daniel Mikić, curator; Dragana Božović, curator
WEB site:
Working hours: 9 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm

Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovic established 1961. Contents: Collections, Classical and Contemporary art, organizes Exhibitions, Memorials, Concerts, Manifestations...

Collections: Nadezda and her contemporaries, Yugoslav painting in the Second half of 20th century, Contemporary art and Memory Collection of Bogic Risimovic-Risim displayed in permanent exhibitions.
Organizes Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic (permanent biannual manifestation) and periodic exhibitions.

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Veliki pozdrav za mog skolskog-Danijela. S.Bursac
(Slavica /Bursac/Vesic, 14/05/2008 22:21)

* Zoran L Pantelić: Solo Exhibition
51. Belgrade October Salon
Belgrade Cultural Centre
Photographer School "ARTIS VISUM"
Virtual gallery ITN: Dragan RISTIĆ, Exhibition

Galerry Nadežda Petrović