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Home > TOURISM > Accommodation > Hotels > Hotel FITNESS GYMNAS
Address: Teodora Pavlovica 28,21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Category: ****
Phones: + 381 (0)21 / 469-285; 467-690
Suits: 2 large suites (110m2), 4 small suites (30m2)

Hotel Fitness Gymnas ****, A small hotel with a large gym.
10 minutes walk to Novi Sad Fair, 15 minutes walk to the center of the city.

The unique offer: Your business in Novi Sad is with more pleasure now: accomodation, breakfast, sports, ralaxation and fun… you have it all here.
High quality wood furniture, TV with cable, air conditioned, mini bar, bathrooms with Jacuzzi, internet access.
Breakfast: national "Backi" breakfast (ham, cheese, eggs)/ musli / sweet brakfast/ microbiotic breakfast
Sauna and various programmes at the fitness center.
Amenities close to the hotel:
Novi Sad Fair  
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Number of beds: 57
Number of 2-bed suites: 16
Number of 3-bed suites: 3
Number of 4-bed suites: 4 
Bed and breakfast price: 35-55 EUR (EURO)
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Type and description of rooms:
2 large suites (110m2)
two bedroom suite with king beds, bathroom with Jacuzzi, kitchenette, comfortable sitting area, view to a quiet side street.
4 small suites (30m2)
one bedroom with either king bed or two twin beds, kitchenette, bathroom. 
The nearest airport: Surcin - 80 km 
Credit cards: Diners, Dinacard 

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