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Sales Manager Srpski
Company: BIGbyte
Job: Sales Manager
Phones: (+38111) 3975.015

WEB Portal Info-Tours.Net is continuing with expansion. We need new, dedicated coworkers whose job is contribution to the best possible presentation of the resources of Republic of Serbia.  Source: ITNet

WEB Portal Info-Tours.Net is continuing with project expansion.
We need new, dedicated coworkers whose job is contribution to the best possible presentation of the resources of Republic of Serbia .

For more detailed description of each job ,visit our web site, section About Us.
If you are convinced that you have new and fresh ideas, that you are a good team worker, especially under pressure call us !

To apply send us at an application stating the job you are applying for, detailed CV and also a short list of your preferences and fields you think, you can give the most in.

Dead line:  31.05.2006.









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PONUDA ZA POSAO - ADMINISTRACIJA - CALL CENTAR, Postovani, zavrsila sam IV stepen strucne spreme - SSS - gimnaziju - kao i jednogodisnji tecaj daktilografije sa sekretarskim poslovanjem, I klasa "slepo kucanje". Zavrsila sam i kurseve kompjutera MS Office: Word, Windows, Outlook Express, Excel, Internet, koje dobro znam. Stekla sam oko 12 godina staza rada na: kompjuteru kao operater, na administrativnim poslovima, sekretarskim -tehnicko-poslovni sekretar, izmedju ostalih, u sledecim firmama: Narodna banka (Call-centar- operater ), "Beobanka" (operater i poslovna sekretarica), "Elektroistok" (sekretarica i operater) , "Telekom" (telemarketing Call-centar - operater ), Ujedinjene nacije (Office assistant). Imam i godinu dana radnog staza kao telefonski-operater u "Call-centru" Narodne banke, kao i u "Telekom"-u za "Yellow Pages" oglase - telemarketing, gde su dosli do izrazaja moja komunikativnost, profesionalizam, tacnost u radu sa strankama, uspesan rad pod stresnim situacijama i pritiskom, kao i zelja za timskim radom. Poznavanje engleskog jezika. Nepusac sam . U cilju trazenja odgovarajuceg posla, na raspolaganju sam vam za navedena radna mesta koja zahtevaju moje kvalifikacije, znanje, strucnost i iskustvo. Podnosilac ponude, JASNA MADIC tel. 064/4100-298
(JASNA MADIC, 20/07/2007 19:39)