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Home > Society > Communities and Regions > Villages > Sirogojno - village on Mt. Zlatibor
Sirogojno - village on Mt. Zlatibor Srpski
Address: 31207 Sirogojno
Phones: +381 31 802 291
Reservation: +381 31 802 586 and +381 63 643 758
WEB site:
Working hours: from 01.april to 01.novembar: 09-19 h / from 01. novembar to 01. april: 09-16h

Sirogojno - village on Mt. Zlatibor in west Serbia. "Sirogojno" - the name known all over the world for its hand made woollen jumpers which have been designed by Dobrila Vasiljevic-Smiljanic for thirty years and knitted by Zlatibor peasant women. This traditional art and craft of knitting has been recognised all over the world as a timeless fashion. The "Old Village" Museum is an evident effort have done to preserve, protect and revive the tradition.

The `Old Village` open-air museum presents the architecture and interior design of buildings, as well as family lifestyle in the mountainous Zlatibor region situated in Southwest Serbia and vast woodland of the Dinara area.
Zlatibor, one of the most beautiful and friendly mountainous regions in Serbia, with its vast pastures, dense evergreen forests, clear creeks and rivers and an exceptionally agreeable and healthy climate, has always been congenial for living. Artefacts of bygone epochs prehistoric findings, ancient monuments, medieval sites, churches and necropolis from the times of the independent Serbian Kingdom along with much better preserved monuments from the period of Turkish rule both of sacred and profane traditional folk architecture represent only a part of a vast cultural heritage preserved on Mt. Zlatibor. Ethnographic cultural values in this area are enriched by unique churches built in the style of log cabins, icons painted by naive village artists and beautifully carved gravestones with representations of the deceased and other figural motifs which are most often accompanied by inscriptions and poetic epitaphs of great documentary importance.
The traditional art of buildings in this region is exceptionally characteristic. The Mt. Zlatibor log cabin represents the most accomplished form of traditional Serbian housing within the Dinaric Mountain Range. The old buildings that have survived were fashioned with great craftsmanship and illustrate the skill and art achieved by our people in costructing houses to suit their needs and their sense of beauty. Life was organised in large families - cooperatives with strictly imposed rules and traditional ways of behaviour, with special respect for mutual relationships, rights and duties demanded various kinds of buildings and their proper location within the homestead. As a rule the Zlatibor homestead is situated on specially chosen suuny sloping terrain protected from the winds. The highest point is reserved for the house and a few cottages - the dwellings and other accompanying buildings used for food storage. The lower levels harbour the stables, pig sties and sheep pens and a little further.

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I recently bought a sweater designed by Dobrila in a second hand shop in Connecticut.. It is very beautiful which I will proudly wear. Are there more sweaters that people can buy by Dobrila? The one I bought is a piece of art that is wearable. I would love to know how old the sweater is and if they are still knitting them? Thank you
(milda Contoyannis, 06/10/2010 17:47)
zavrsio sam geogafski fakultet i trazim posao!bilo sta!zovite na 064 150 33 96
(zoran jovanović, 01/07/2008 03:08)
Postovani, Potreban smjestaj za 2 odraslih, jedno dijete od 3 g i bebu od 7 mjeseci u Sirogojnu. Boravak 28-29.4.2007. godine. Nocenje ili noćenje+dorucak. Srdacan pozdrav, Porodica Cutura
(Čutura Vidosava, 13/04/2007 18:07)


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