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Home > Culture > Monasteries > Medieval Monasteries > Raška School > Monastery DJURDJEVI STUPOVI
Builder: Stefan Nemanja
Built: XII century

Monastery Đurđevi stupovi is located close to Novi Pazar and it was founded by Stefan Nemanja in the late XII century. Church of Saint George inside the monastery is one of the greatest achievements of raška style, with byzantine and romanesque elements.

Monastery Đurđevi stupovi with Saint George church is located close to Novi Pazar, on the rising ground where it once dominated the the old Ras, area in wich was formed the first Serbian country, during the XII century. Stefan Nemanja built this monastery as a thanksgiving for his patron saint, saint George, who resqued him from the dungeon where he was inprisoned by his brothers. After this conflict with his brothers Stefan Nemanja became first serbian ruler, in 1167, so presumably the erection of the monastery started the same year. Location was not common in serbian medieval architecture but it has important meaning representing symbolicaly Nemanjas power and his political goals.
The monastery was surrounded with massive walls, and it had several buildings including entry tower. King Dragutin, who was the second raiser of the monastery rebuilt the enrty tower into chapel and built a few more buildings.
Monastery and the church were severely damaged throughout centuries and after the First world was it was in ruins. Rebuilding of the monasery was begun in 1960. and is still undergoing.
The church of Saint George is a single-nave building with a dome. The exterior is decorated in romanesque style with two towers on the western side, resembling romanesque church towers, so the whole monastery complex is called after these towers.
Fresco painting survived only in fragments but the year 1170. was saved in one inscription, presumably the year the church was painted. The style is komnenian fresco-painting style, originating from byzantine capital.

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