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Monastery ZICA Srpski
The monastery of Žiča, with its church dedicated to the Ascension of Our Lord is located near Kraljevo. It was founded by King Stefan the First-Crowned in the beginning of XIII century. The church was build as a crowning church for serbian kings and in 1220. it became the first seat of new founded Serbian Archbishopric.

The monastery of Žiča, with its church dedicated to the Ascension of Our Lord, was founded by King Stefan the First-Crowned as crowning church for serbian kings and seat of Serbian Archbishopric.

The construction begun before 1217/18. when Stefan was crowned. In the year 1220. in Žiča was founded the seat of newfounded Serbian Archbishopric, with Sava as first Archbishop. The second founder of the church was king Radoslav, son of king Stefan the First-Crowned, who was crowned in Žiča in 1228. and who built the exonartex.

The church gain even more distinction when Sava moved the remains of king Stefan to Žiča, establishing the cult of sacred First-Crowned king.

Architectonic design has been influenced by the church in Studenica, founded by Stefan Nemanja and the monaseries Lavra and Vatoped of Holy Monutain. It is unique combination of byzantine, romanesque and early gothic style. Žiča is single nave building with dome. During the centuries it was severely damaged so not much of the fresco painting was saved. The church was decorated with fresco painting in the early twenties of XIII century under patronage of Sava. The status and the role(?) of the church affected the fresco decoration, and can be seen in two major programs, royal and monastic.

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mislim da manastiru zici neprilici crvena fasada,ali mi se svidjaju njegove freske.
(marija dmitrovic, 22/02/2009 16:44)
lep je manastir... ali iskreno, lepsa je studenica
(petra borenovic, 14/05/2008 20:12)

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