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Monastery MILESEVA Srpski
Monastery Mileševa is located near Prijepolje and was founded in 1219. as a family mousoleum of king Vladislav, son of King Stefan the First-Crowned. Vladislav tranlated brought the relics of Saint Sava, his uncle, from Trnovo wich was the reason that the monastery became one of the most important spiritual and pilgrim centers in Serbia.

Monastery Mileševa is located near Prijepolje and was founded in 1219. as a family mousoleum of king Vladislav, son of King Stefan the First-Crowned. Main monastery church is dedicated to Ascention of Christ. King Vladislav moved the relics of Saint Sava from Trnovo to Mileševa in 1236. and buried them in the nartex of the church. As a mausoleum of Saint Sava Mileševa had high reputation among serbian churches and it was a center of pilgrimage until in 1595. by order of Sinan Paša relics of Saint Sava were moved to Belgrade and burned in Vračar.

The church of Ascention of Christ is single nave building with dome, built in style of raška school, with synthesis or romanesque and byzantine elements. Fresco-painting of the church represents the highest achievments, not only of serbian painting but of XIII century byzantine painting. The frescoes in nartex represent the family portrait of the Nemanjić family with Nemanja as monk and Sava as archbishop, Stefan the First-Crowned with his sons Radoslav and Vladislav who holds a model of the church in his hand. The program of painted decoration combines monastic and court themes, usual for byzantin medieval painting. The artists of Mileševa had been inspired by monumental painting of late antiquity and helenism.

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Жао ми је што на сваком месту и у свакој прилици већина оних за које се с правом подразумева да су представници и бранитељи српске културе и традиције учествују у културном поробљавању и уништавању свега што је српско. Нема српске културе, српског опстанка на латиници. Азбука је једино српско писмо! Ко друкчије пише, из Срба се брише! Љиљана Ћуић
(Љиљана Ћуић, 24/05/2009 14:20)
Manastir Mileseva se nalazi kod Prokuplja???? Prijepolje je u pitanju
(Miroslav Ivanović, 28/05/2008 02:25)

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