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Virtual Gallery ITN / MPU - ''Postcards in Serbia 1895-1914'' Srpski
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Editor in Chief: Vladeta Stojić
Phone/fax: +381 11 495 545
Place: Beograd
Title of exhibition: Postcards in Serbia 1895-1914
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"Ever since the first series was issued in 1895 picture postcards used to be most widely used visual material in Serbia and constituted a significant element of visual culture of modern times..." Source: MPU

Museum of Applied Art Exhibition:

6 November 2009 - 15 Januar 2010th

Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Vuk Karadzic 18th
Author: mr Jelena Perać, curator.

Ever since the first series was issued in 1895 picture postcards used to be most widely used visual material in Serbia and constituted a significant element of visual culture of modern times.  It is for their documentary character that our literature treated picture postcards as visual resource and as element of comparison in researches. 

The basic goal of 1895 –1914 Serbian picture postcard researches and the exhibition ensuing was to discuss picture postcards as specific visual artefacts and situate them within a set historical-artistic and cultural context. This implies the introduction and production of picture postcards during the first period of their life in Serbia,  when they occurred, developed and became broadly distributed. Conceived as a monograph and being the first research done here on the topic, it was necessary to collect and study the available material, to identify patterns used, to classify them and establish dating of the series as precise as possible. 

Precise dating of each and every one of the series circulating in the period was almost an impossible task; therefore we focused on recognizing and analysing the most characteristic editions which proved helpful in later investigation of functions and meaning of picture postcards as to the time and place. In the introduction a concise description is given of certain aspects of the role picture postcards played in the realm of private life as means of direct communication. 

This topic will not be dealt with further in our paper. We shall focus in our work on the role picture postcards played in the field of public life as medium of mass communication.

The following typology is suggested in our exibition:

1. Topographical cards including landscape, cityscape, views of town parts, streets, individual edifices and monuments and the like
2. Postcards with celebrations and events including street events and celebrations, processions, consecration of monuments, manifestations, historical events, floods, fires, pageants etc.
3. Portraits representing eminent persons, statesmen, writers, actors, artists etc.
4. Postcards with advertising and propaganda communications
5. Cards with reproductions of works of art
6. Miscellany with various contents – from national costumes images, diminished front pages of Belgrade dailies up to compositions of series of Serbian stamps and numismatic items.

Author setting in MPU: arh. Bojana Djurovic, 

Graphic design catalog: Dragana Lacmanović.


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