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Virtual gallery ITN: Dragan RISTIĆ, Exhibition Srpski
E-mail of Author:
E-mail of Gallery:
Editor in Chief: Vladeta Stojić, 064 38 010 96
Phone/fax: +381 11 494 545
Place: Beograd
Title of exhibition: An artistic project OLD GLEBE
Web adress of Gallery:
Working hours: 00-24h

The project "Old Glebe" comprises earth (a glebe) and a man, as well as all reciprocal intertwinements (temporal, mythological, ethnological, anthropological, ecological etc.). Concerning the fact that we live in the world full of variables, the idea for such an artistic project crossed my mind naturally as a result of a need to find out a constant value, that is a glebe or nature.


Dragan  RISTIĆ

Dragan Ristic was born in 
Velika Sugubina, October  1, 1961. 

From 1981 through 1987 he studied 
at the School of architecture and at the 
Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade. 

In 1987 he took his diploma at the 
Section of applied graphic art under teachers, 
Bogdan Krsic and Bozidar Dzmerkovic. 

He became the member of ULUS 
(the Association of Visual Artists of Serbia) in 1992.

In esthetical and visual sense, 
the paintings, sketches, sculptures 
and video records represent my 
artistic search, exploration and 
portrayal of the "Old Glebe" conception. 
It was in 1989, after a stay at the 
Academy of fine arts in Dusseldorf, 
that I first recognized that conception, 
and since then it was presented 
eleven times, as well as the current 
exhibition is my eleventh one-man show. 

The conception includes a glebe, 
earth, nature, man and all reciprocal 
intertwinements (temporal, mythological, 
technological, etiological and ecological). 

The research on this project is to be continued, so the next exhibition will be entitled the Old Glebe too.

Bulevar Oslobodjenja 174/51, 11000 Beograd


Welcome to SERBIAN


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Your comments:
Cao Risto, Drago mi je da sam te pronasla posle toliko godina. Jedva cekam da se cujemo. Dopao mi se tvoj projekat "Stara njiva". Topli pozdravi od Jagode. P.S. Nadam se da me se secas.
(, 09/05/2011 13:49)
Hey! I Truly, Madly, Deeply, Like your stuff! It is so Full of Meaning about life, Emotions and Love! Good on You! Big Time impressed Rista! Hope You are Good1 Love Always! x x
(Julie Anne Edgell, 11/03/2010 18:10)
Ovo tju da ponovim jer mislim da znash od ranije: tvoje slike su za mene uvek uzbudljive, tema uvek svezha, stil koji meni predstavlja direktan most ka neposrednom i iskrenom - onome shto uvek nalazimo u chistoj dushi deteta. nije mi namera da oponasham kritichare, pokushao sam da najbolje shto mogu izrazim svoj utisak. puno te pozdravljam, vidimo se ubrzo PS izvini, ne volim na ovaj nachin da dajem svoj email
(branko kosanic, 11/03/2010 16:38)
Samo su jos trskice ostale od onda... ...I rukopis je ostao! Recenica se prosirila...Tekst obogatio... Ponovo se odusevljvam Tvojom potpuno posebnom romantikom... Mnogo Te volim! Iz carstvujusce Vijene... Rada
(Radoslava Gasic, 11/03/2010 11:43)
Rile, raduje me da izlažeš u ovoj galeriji.Ti pripadaš umetnicima koji su samosvojni -autentični. To je istovremeno i manjkavost. Naši vajni "istoričari umetnosti" i "likovni kritičari" vole već proverene postulate. A ti njima ne pripadaš.
(Radomir Stančić, 02/03/2010 16:59)


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