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Arandjelovac Srpski
Above Sea level (m): 255

From the mixture of primal pre-elements of water, earth and rock, in the embrace of the mountains of Bukulja and Vencac, Arandjelovac and its Bukovicka Banja Spa have grown as a specific settlement in the region of central Sumadija. The town is specific by its white marble, mineral water and clay resources, these inseparable phenomena of the existence of people from prehistoric to our times.

The ancient/centennial beech forests, pleasing hills and meadows, bluish plum orchards and vineyards, represent the framework for the picture of this modern town containing all the characteristics of the contemporary urban way of living. The people of Arandjelovac will meet you with warmth and open hearts and invite you to come again. You will be enchanted by the virgin countryside landscapes surrounding the town, offering it yet another striking beauty frame with each season, just as described in the prose of the renown Serbian realist writer, Svetolik Rankovic:
   "And again I see you, dear autumn...I'll go blind from your glow, enchanted by your magic...I turn my face away from you, the grapes-picking scene, I must not look at you any longer, my magic village autumn..."
   The Spa of Bukovicka Banja will offer you an endless beauty and the calm of preserved nature, the soothing waters from the mysterious depths of the earth and broad smiles of its inhabitants.

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kaže:Upravo sam isao ovim putem na more. Zaista je kvalitetan i neeretpocen sabracajem. Nisam naisao ni na jedan sleper ili zastoj. Vracao sam se istim putem u Srbiju i moram preporuciti svakome ovu deonicu.Jedino na sta treba da obratite paznju jesu povremeni dugacki usponi pa dobro proverite nivo rashladne tecnosti u vasem motoru. Takodje i prilikom dugih spustanja, nemojte sve vreme kociti kocnicama vec koristite kocenje motorom, jer ce vam u protivnom kocnice biti skoro spaljene.Pazite i na ogranicenja brzine u CG, jer ce vas na najneocekivanijim mestima sacekati radarska kontrola. Posebno u reonu Zabljaka, Savnika, od Niksica ka moru.Sve u svemu, putni pravac za svaku preporuku. Od Beograda do Herceg Novog ovim putem ima oko 550 km.
(, 13/06/2012 22:17)
svidjami onaj koje napisao ovo.super je napisao.bas je pametan.
(andejla milicevic, 07/06/2010 15:47)


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