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Archeological Treasure

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Arheological locality Vinca Srpski
Address: Belo Brdo bb, Vinca
Company: Council arheological research in the Vinca, SANU

Excavations at Vinča were continued in 1972 thanks to the Committee for Archeological Investigation of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and are still continuing today. The overall result of the century-old investigation of this Culture have placed it at the very top of the world cultural heritage.

In 2001 the International School of Archeology opened, giving an opportunity to interested archeologists from the rest of the world to take part. The Danube shoreline has been declared an archeological park according to the general urbanistic plan of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, with a permanent exhibition at the Museum which is shown to interested visitors by a custodian-guide. Since year 2002, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade has been organizing exclusive boat visits to Vinča.

In the period  may-septembar:
Fridey         from 17-19 h
Week-end  from 10-17 h

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Your comments:
Zanima me da li bih mogla da kontaktiram nekog u vezi sa slikom jedne skulpture za koju mislim da pripada Vincanskoj kulturi? Podatak mi je potreban zbog odredjenog israzivanja na fakultetu i to u sto skorije vreme
(Zorica, 31/10/2007 02:03)
Gde mogu pronaci nesto o vincanskom pismu posto na vasem sajtu nisam pronasao nista o tome.
(Bacovic Branko, 02/05/2007 10:16)


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