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Radmila Sofija Šijan, Paints Srpski
.Name of Exhibition: THE MOVING IN INSIDE
Author's phone: +381 21 6413744, +381 62 1921035
Autor: Radmila S. Sijan
E-mail of Author:
E-mail of Gallery:
Editor: Vladeta Stojić
Gallery: Virtual gallery ITN
Name of Project: Perspectives
Phone/fax: +381 11 2494 545
Place: Beograd
Web adress of Gallery:
Web site of Author:
Working hours: 00-24h



The artistic tradition of Novi Sad is long. During previous decades and centuries, some of the most important Yugoslavian, Serbian, even European artists pass thro- ugh it and also live there. That is why the parallels can be drawn, using compa-rative analysis, between Uroš Predić and descendants, between Paja Jovanović and latter visual artists of Novi Sad, the similarities can be found in oneiricness of Paja Pop and Mića Mihajlović. There is a whole series of thematic, technical or other links between authors now populating Petrovaradin fortress, Serbian and Novi Sad’s art epicentre, and the ones not fortunate enough to enjoy the City and the River view from the walls, those who create scattered all over Novi Sad. Including the similarities in the treatment of the human body in early phases of Jovan Soldatović and figural escapism of Borivoj Popržan.

Therefore the emergence of young Radmila Šijan is unusual and valuable. Unusual for the fact that a young woman manages, seemingly unintentionally, not leaning on anybody, which would be very logical, to develop her own artistic worldview, placing it into total thematic, chromatic or compositional uniqueness, simultaneously avoiding to negate the artistic value system within which she and her fellow citizens create. The preciousness of her emergence is reflected in the courage to engage in totally unexpected defamiliarization, into a kind of an oxymoronic space, to be gently aggre- ssive or subtly rough. Her painting is also a bravery with a dove’s heart and  faith in the impossible and a quest not only for her own visual expression, which seems to be found a long time ago, but also a quest for her own self, both ontologically and literally.

Hence, following some sort of usual, Aristotelian poetic hypothesis, that in the art one must not be boring, that one must be distinctive and personal, that the only possible artistic way is the way from the individual to the universal, that the transpositional model is the creation of the whole new micro cosmos, not a mere miming of realistic system around us, we are faced with the images of an exceptional young painter. With the potential of becoming the Great. With capital G.

Sinisa Kovacevic
September 18, 2013.


The Artist's Word

I'm standing inside, turned towards the new window of Universe's conscious- ness.
By thoughts... I travel by the waves of the world.
And always, over and over I see a new light, beyond ...
At the very moment, of seemingly the same Sun, it shines differently.
These new lights of knowledge, bells inside of me, spread out like the sound of the wind, and pictures emerge.
That way I can endlessly observe all the harmony's beauty and the unique- ness of tones and hear these mira- culous impulses of Life.
The values are inside.
Thanks to The Source.
Radmila S. Šijan





Radmila S. Sijan

In 2005 she founded “Art – In – Fusia”, an enterprise within which she implements numerous graphic solutions for companies and projects in the field of interior design.
She is a member of the artists’ association of Petrovaradinfrotress “The Art Circle”.
She continues to study painting in the atelier of one eminent painter Borivoj Poprzan on the Petrovaradin Fortress for the next nine years, examining drawing, art elements and painting techniques. She remains his associate to this day.
University Of Visual Arts and Faculty of Design and Information Technologies in Belgrade. Comparatively she works in icon painting atelier in Belgrade.
Her works have been displayed many times at the exhibitions in Serbia and abroad:


Novi Sad, 1999.
  Belgrade, 2001.
  Belgrade, 2002.
Monte Negro, 2003. Art Colony, Rafailovici
  Novi Sad, 2003.
Banja Luka, 2003.
Sombor, 2004. Art Colony
  Novi Sad, 2004. Art Colony
Belgrade, 2005.
Thessaloniki, 2005.
  Rome, 2005.Private collection
Belgrade, 2006.
Novi Sad, 2008.
Belgrade, 2009.
Novi Sad, 2010."MA", Cultural Center of Novi Sad
  Novi Sad, 2010. Art Colony
Novi Sad, 2011.Culturno event "Open atelier"
Novi Sad, 2011.Exhibition Association of ART CIRCLE
Novi Sad, 2012.Culturno event "Open atelier"
  Novi Sad, 2012. Exhibition Association of ART CIRCLE
  Novi Sad, 2013.Culturno event "Open atelier"
Novi Sad, 2013.Exhibition Association of ART CIRCLE
  Novi Sad, 2013.Exhibition CIRCLES, 58.STERIJINO POZORJE, The Serbian National Theatre
  Novi Sad, 2014.Exhibition TRACES, 58.STERIJINO POZORJE, The Serbian National Theatre
  Novi Sad, 2014.Exhibition THE NIGHT OF MUSEUM, The Manifestations - The Exibitions
  Novi Sad, 2014. "PROMENADE OF OUR CITY", The World Music Day - festival, ship ZEPPELIN
Novi Sad, 2015.Exhibition Association of ART CIRCLE
Banja Luka, 2015.  International Art Colony

00381 62 1921035
00381 21 6413744
Open studio: 10 am  to 08 pm

   Council:  Balsa Rajcevic, Radivoje Markovic,  Nenad Bracic                                                                                 Editor: Vladeta Stojic

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